Disbaled Bathroom Hire

Our wheelchair access toilets are specifically designed for easy, safe access.

If you are running an event, it's important that you offer  safe and approiate facilities for your disabled patrons.

Our disabled bathrooms are custom designed and built for people who need wheelchair access and support.

These easy access ensuites suitable for all sorts of events, including parties, weddings, fares, concerts and any other special occaision.

Easy Access Ramp

The access ramp is strong, gently sloping and has hand rails for safety and support.

Spacious Well Equipped Interior

The spacious interior of each bathroom leaves plebnty of room to turn around a wheelchair. The safety rails are strong at at the right height to assist access tot he toilet and shower.

The floor is non-slip and the range of equippment includes, a sink, with hot and cold water, shower, towl rails, loo and bins.

Hire Our Disable Bathrooms For Your Event

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Our mobile luxury toilets have been used for many weddings, birthday parties, celebrity events, high profile parties, music festivals and VIP sporting events.

Brisbane's most luxurious and stylish portable bathrooms! Enjoy the LED neon lighting and music!